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Road to Recovery is an organization of thousands of Israeli volunteers, driving Palestinians requiring treatment – mostly children – from crossings between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to hospitals in Israel. Road to Recovery is apolitical and motivated solely by humanitarian interests. We believe that our assistance, besides being motivated by compassion, will generate good will, deepen our connection and contribute to peace between our peoples.

Additional goals include the acquisition of medical equipment for those in need and organizing special recreational days for patients and their families.

The total distance travelled by our volunteers in 2018 was about 1,277,000 km, encompassing 10,100 trips and catering to 20,500 patients, mostly children. For further details of last year’s activity summary, please refer to the 2018 annual report.

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Contributions are always greatly appreciated. 

Our operation is entirely funded by donations and our personnel are all volunteers. You can rest assured that 100% of your donation will be dedicated to bringing a little bit of hope to this troubled region.

New Israel Fund holds both a US Dollar account and a Pound Sterling account. We are happy to receive tax deductible donations in either currency.